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Glass Mill Leisure Centre


Development Session 1:  3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Development Session 2: 3:30 pm -4::00 pm

Advance / Competition Session:  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Glass Mill Leisure Centre



41 Loampit Vale, London SE13 7FT

Wavelengths Leisure Centre


Development Session 1:  Temporary closed

Wavelengths Leisure Centre




Giffin St, Deptford, London SE8 4RJ

Development Session


The development squad programme is based on 30 minutes long sessions designed to introduce the sport of water polo to young athletes.  The sessions focus on developing the three fundamental skills of the sport: swimming, water treading and ball handling.

All this is done in a fun and supportive environment to encourage the right attitude.


  • Able to swim 25 meters frontcroll 
  • Able to demosntrate a good breastroke kick 

Advanced Session


The Advanced squad programme is based on a 1 hour  long session designed to further develop the athlete’s understanding of the principles of the game. Sessions continue to have a strong emphasis on the fundamentals but now gradually start focusing on advancing the technical and tactical knowledge of the players too. This includes incorporating things such as special game like situations, power play and the defence philosophy.


The advanced squad sessions are aimed at athletes who are ready to be challenged and are keen to start thinking of competing at a local level. The club coaches collaboratively work together to develop their strengths focusing not just on the individual play now, but also on the team play.

  • Able to swim 400 meters frontcrawl 
  • Have strong water treading skill
  • Throw and catch the ball with one hand several times 

Competition Session


The best players will be selected to be part of the competition squad, where they will compete in the London Junior Water Polo League and London Youth Games. They will also have the chance to compete in other tournaments and cups and also have the opportunity to be promoted to the London National Squad.




  • Able to swim 1000 meters front crawl

  • Good understanding of technique and tactical skills

  • Have strong ball skills

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